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Physics 842: Quantum Mechanics of Relativistic Particles

Course Information:

  • Lectures:
    Physics & Oceanography Building, Room 203

  • Recommended TextBook:
    V. N. Gribov and J. Nyiri,   Quantum Electrodynamics: Gribov Lectures on Theoretical Physics   (Cambridge Monographs on Particle Physics, Nuclear Physics and Cosmology) (2005), ISBN-13: 978-0521675697

  • Reference TextBook(s):
    W. Greiner,   Relativistic Quantum Mechanics;
    J.D. Bjorken and S. Drell,   Relativistic Quantum Mechanics

  • Course Syllabus:    PDF File

  • Lecture Notes& Helpful Links:
    Lecture Notes

  • HW1 due 19 Sept at the lecture.   HW1 solution

  • HW2: see p. 51 of the lecture notes.    HW2 solution

  • HW3: see p. 73 of the lecture notes.    HW3 solution

  • HW4: see p. 99 of the lecture notes.    HW4 solution

  • HW5: see p. 104 of the lecture notes.    HW5 solution

  • HW6: see p. 137 of the lecture notes.    HW6 solution

  • HW7: see p. 149 of the lecture notes.    HW7 solution

  • Midterm: Due Nov 16 at the lecture.    Midterm
    Midterm Solutions

  • Final Exam: Due Dec 14 at 10 a.m.    Exam

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